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I know there is coffee cultivating in Indonesia for centuries. Although I was living for more than ten years in one of the largest coffee producing country worldwide, I realized it just afterwards. Precisely I realised it when I started to roast my own coffee.


Obviously I was specializing my roastings with coffee from Indonesia.

Soon, I figured out that the most well known coffee plantations in Indonesia are on Java, Sulawesi and Sumatra.

As I was plunging deeper into the matter of coffee, I was convinced that there must be other areas scattered all over Indonesia with high quality coffee is being cultivated. Just that those areas are terrible off the beaten track.

Suddenly, the scales fell from my eyes! Back in 1989, on my first journey throughout Indonesia I crossed a few islands from west to east. Sure! On Flores the surroundings and the climate perfectly meets contitions for growing extraordinary coffee!

Well, well. That's great news. Cos already on my first trip to Flores I fell in love with this island and with its dwellers.

Finally, in June 2015 I started my first coffee expedition.