Opening Hours

September 2021

Store closed

Attention, please!

The store will be closed on Saturday, November 20, 2021.

Every Saturday

10am to 3pm

As I run the roastery in my spare time, I have irregular opening hours.

Individual consulting on request.

It starts with buying a house. After ten years on Bali, I come back to Switzerland with my family. Our son should be able to enjoy a Swiss education.

With the house, I also take over some of the utensils left behind. Among other things an old coffee grinder. A huge thing!

So far I only know coffee as a consumer of bland broth in restaurants or from time to time a self-made filter coffee.

However, this huge absurdity arouses my curiosity. Is it really a grinder with integrated roaster? I start researching. No, it is not!

Still, it's the beginning of my career as a Coffee Roaster...

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