Opening Hours

Every Saturday

10am to 3pm

Coffee Prices

Online or in the shop

I'm selling my freshly roasted coffee for CHF 45.00 per kilo.

Packed in coffee bags of 125, 250, 300 and 500 grams.

Actually, I also ship the coffee in specially designed envelopes with valve for coffee shipping. 300 grams for CHF 13.50 plus CHF 1.85 B-Post / CHF 2.10 A-Post shipping costs. Order conveniently online now.

Payment is possible in cash, with TWINT or with invoice in case of shipping.

Attention, please!
This offer is only valid for Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

My Personal Coffee History

by sheer chance

It started with the purchase of a very old house. After ten years living on Bali, I came back to Switzerland. Together with my wife, we decided that our son should be able to enjoy a Swiss education.

This house used to be the local mom-and-pop grocery store. Although it was closed down for ages and the heir of the former owner grabbed most valuable stuff, there were still some rummage left. Among other things, an old coffee grinder. A huge thing!

So far I know coffee only as a consumer of a cup of tasteless brew in restaurants or every now and then a filter coffee at home. Anyhow, this monster of a grinder piqued my curiosity. Is it really a grinder with a roaster integrated?

After I've been investigating deeper, I knew it. There is no roaster inegrated at all! It's just an other grinder for hazelnuts, instead.

However, too late! It already pulled me in the sleeves. On relevant websites I'm reading about coffee enthusiasts. Life is to short for bad coffee, is their credo. Since they drunk freshly roasted coffee, they would never ever drink usual, commercially available one, again.

Of course not all of these coffee freaks are roasting their own coffee. Rather they draw their fresh coffee with the roaster of confidence.

Nevertheless, I wonna roast my own coffee. Nothing easier than this, I thought as much.