The method of preparation is actually not important

As long as it is freshly roasted!

This is my personal opinion.

Baristas are more likely to swear on an espresso machine. Traditionalists on the well-proven paper filter. Purists prefer the Turkish or Indonesian way of preparation.

For easy cleaning, I prepare my coffee mainly in the Frenchpress (stamp pot) or the mocha pot (Bialetti).

Stamp pot - Frenchpress

For my personal use I usually prepare the coffee in a so-called Frenchpress.

Handling (for a 300ml Frenchpress)

  • Add about 16 grams of freshly ground coffee to the pot.
  • Pour hot, but no longer boiling water over half of the pot
  • Stir with a spoon or the like
  • Top up with hot water
  • Stamp on it (but do not press yet!)
  • leave to infuse for approximately 4 minutes
  • Carefully press the stamp down
  • Et voilĂ  - ready is the most straightforward way to make coffee


  • fast
  • simple
  • can be used anywhere
  • easy cleaning
  • larger quantities possible (needs bigger pot)
  • Coffee grounds can simply be poured away or (insider tip) diluted with water and given to the plants


  • When pressing, a vacuum can occur (press carefully)
  • No crema possible (requires at least 9 bar of pressure)