The somewhat different coffee cruises

Actually I was aware that coffee was cultivated in Indonesia. Only afterwards I realised that I had lived for over 10 years in one of the largest coffee producing countries in the world. To be more precise, only since I have been roasting myself and thus intensively dealing with this matter, I realised it.

Given that, it is obvious that I specialise in coffee from Indonesia.

During my research, where high-quality Arabica is grown, I came across the usual suspect areas of Java, Tana Toraja and Sumatra.

The deeper I get into Arabica and its cultivation, I think I can guess that there are many more areas scattered all over Indonesia where high quality coffee is grown. Only these regions are a while away from the shot.

The scales fell like scales from my eyes! On my first trip through Indonesia in 1989 I visited several islands. Of course! On Flores the conditions for excellent Arabica are virtually predestined.

After all, I set off on my first coffee cruise in June 2015.

My fifth coffee cruise is history!

Bali - Flores Adventure 2018

Unfortunately, this time nobody accompanied me. Never mind, maybe next time someone will come along. It would be my pleasure.

Off the beaten tourist track I ride my rented motorbike through breathtaking areas. Auf Flores kommen mir meine Indonesisch Kenntnisse sehr entgegen. This leads to many interesting, funny but also serious conversations with friendly people all along my route.

From a coffee technical point of view, the Yellow Caturra is my new discovery.

My next coffee trip is...

...due to COVID-19 postponed indefinitely

My next trip to Indonesia depends on the continuation of the coronavirus pandemic.

If you want to come along, please get in touch:

Roland Fuhrer, Saanenstrasse 10, CH-3770 Zweisimmen (+41 77 434 9132 - kaffee(at)